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Welcome to Leave No Trace Training

We all need to act now to protect and preserve the environment we work and play in.
By following the seven principles of Leave No Trace, we can all contribute to protecting our precious environment, and also help educate our friends, colleagues and clients about a sustainable way to continue our pursuits.

We are committed to the principles of Leave No Trace and deliver Leave No Trace Awareness courses in England for outdoor enthusiasts, clubs, instructors, guides and centres alike.

Please explore the ‘Principles’ page and consider your impact on the environment that you use. Then visit the ‘Training’ page to find out more about how you or your group can participate in a certified Awareness training day.

Leave No Trace Training is a trading name of Derwent Adventure Education who are a Partner member of the Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics, based in Boulder, Colorado. For more information on Leave No Trace visit their website at

Leave No Trace Training is a UK provider dedicated to delivering LNT training courses in the principles and ethics of “leave no trace” and is a partner member of the Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics.

Our LNT awareness training is designed to raise personal consciousness of the impact we have on the environment, whether camping, climbing, caving, canoeing or mountain biking. All activities have an impact, and your Leave No Trace trainer will help facilitate discussion and practical tasks to challenge your thoughts to consider the environmental effects of all other pursuits such as mountaineering, horse riding, cycling, fishing, abseiling or orienteering.

At the end of the one day Leave No Trace awareness workshop you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions on how to practice the Leave No Trace ethics. You will also depart with Leave No Trace Awareness certificate awarded by LNT Centre for Outdoor Ethics.

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